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We teach an eclectic blend of Hawaiian and Filipino martial arts.  We focus on a lot of real world techniques for self defense, strength and fitness.  We can tailor your instruction to fit any age, ability and/or experience level.

We are very practical, down to earth, real people.  We don't require you to buy a lot of (mostly unnecessary) uniforms and/or equipment.  There are no set, rigid moves here.  We show you basic movements and help you adapt it to what feels natural for you because it will be more effective if it flows instinctively.


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Sifu Luke Seawolf

Martial Arts


I'm the Hawaiian & Filipino Martial Arts Instructor

I also teach boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jujutsu, etc

A retired FF/Medic, I will teach you the pathophysiology of combat.  That is, where to strike and WHY there and WHAT it does.

I am also the only qualified Filipino Martial Arts instructor in the Denver Metro Area.

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